IGA Academy Course: Mine water as a geothermal reservoir and/ or energy storage @ Rauha, Laappenranta, Finland
Jun 25 a las 09:45 – 17:00

The utilization of mine water as a geothermal resource and/or as a thermal energy storage has the potential to play a key role to reach the ambitious climate goals set by the EU. Indeed, mine water can typically be used for applications such as heating and cooling of buildings and for thermal energy storage. Flooded mines represent large low temperature geothermal reservoirs. Although, mine water temperature is generally too low to be used for direct heating, it is well suited to be combined with heat pumps and can be used for direct cooling. In addition, mine water provides the large-scale seasonal heat/cold storage capacities required to enable the development and dissemination of renewable energy systems and the improvement in energy efficiency of conventional energies.

The Geothermal Energy Conference @ Vanua Levu
Ago 7 a las 09:00 – Ago 11 a las 18:40

This conference aims to build a pilot project to demonstrate a clean geothermal power solution for off-grid use in the South Pacific. The long term aim is to integrate multiple uses of naturally available geothermal heat for electric power, cooling solutions and providing fresh water and other direct heat uses to local communities. The Conference is taking place in Nadi, Viti Levu between the 07.08 to 11.08. 2016. Following by a three days field trip to Vanua Levu, which is the second biggest island of the Fiji archipelago and features the main manifestations of geothermal hot spring activity.The geothermal potential of the island has been estimated high enough to provide clean power for the two main islands. There is, however, no geothermal plant operating to date.

The field trip to Vanua Levu will be reached by bus and ferry from Nadi.


The Praxisforum Geothermie.Bayern @ Germany
Sep 11 a las 07:04 – Sep 12 a las 16:00


In the South of Bavaria exists worldwide unique conditions for geothermal low-enthalpy energy production. More than 25 projects are already operating, furhter are under construction and in planning. The Praxisforum Geothermie.Bayern from September 11 to 12, 2017 offers the possibility to profit from the experiences and the know-how of the local actors and build up useful contacts. In the heart of Bavaria – in the center of Germany’s energy production.

Expobiomasa 2017 @ Feria de Valladolid
Sep 26 a las 09:30 – Sep 29 a las 18:00
Expobiomasa 2017 @ Feria de Valladolid | Valladolid | Castilla y León | España

Expobiomasa 2017 unirá en sólo 4 días a todos los profesionales relacionados con el pujante mercado de la biomasa: empresas de maquinaria forestal e industrias de biocombustibles sólidos y pellets, fabricantes, distribuidores e instaladores de sistemas de climatización, en especial soluciones con estufas y calderas, industrias y grandes consumidores de calor, agua caliente y vapor de proceso; además de toda la industria auxiliar, ingenierías, ESEs, grupos de inversión,… es decir, todos los profesionales que participan en generar ahorros a los consumidores de biomasa.